SL Benfica, Champions of the 2023 Futsal WEC

SL Benfica, Champions of the 2023 Futsal WEC

An evening of championship finals at Vista Alegre. The 2023 Futsal WEC Friendly Edition came to a conclusion on its fourth day, with Bitonto C5 Femminile and SL Benfica competing for the champions' trophy. Both teams displayed their best tactical play, creating opportunities for each side, but caution ultimately led Alexandre's and Gianluca's teams to a penalty shootout.

The final did not disappoint, and from the first half, we witnessed the most tactical minutes from both teams throughout the tournament. Given the stakes, this was no surprise. Starting with both clubs sizing each other up, Bitonto C5 Femminile took the lead. Castagnaro surprised SL Benfica from her goal with a precise shot that found the corner of the Portuguese goalkeeper's net. The Eagles of Lisbon were not discouraged and showed great attitude for the remaining time. SL Benfica, with an inspired Renatinha, had chances to increase the goal difference but to no avail. With a score of 1-0, everything was still to be decided in the second half.

The goalpost became the sixth player for Bitonto C5 Femminile. The Portuguese team hit the woodwork on numerous occasions, preventing them from scoring the sought-after goal. The persistence paid off for the Portuguese thanks to Ines, achieving the much-desired equalizer. The constant back-and-forth, coupled with both teams' fear of conceding a goal, led the match into overtime, which began with maximum tension.

Both Bitonto C5 Femminile and SL Benfica put their all into the two periods of overtime; and despite the clear chances from Marzuoli's team, the tie ended a match that steered the victory of either club to penalties.

To conclude the championship, we awaited an agonizing series of penalty shots. Finally, after an impeccable performance by the goalkeepers, the Portuguese triumphed with a total score of 4-5 goals. SL Benfica claimed the title of champions of the second edition of the Futsal Wec 2023 Friendly Edition.


Bitonto C5 Femminile
Coach: Gianluca Marzuoli

  • Lediane Marcolan (Tampa)
  • Susy Nicoletti (Nicoletti)
  • Diana Santos (Diana)
  • Renata Adamatti (Renatinha)
  • Lucileia Renner Minuzzo (Lucileia)
  • Carmen Pezzolla (Pezzolla)
  • Francesca Trumino (Trumino)
  • Bianca Castagnaro (Castagnaro)
  • Alessia Grieco (Grieco)
  • Alexandra Divincenzo (Divincenzo)
  • Nicoletta Mansueto (Mansueto)
  • Chiara Pernazza (Pernazza)

SL Benfica
Coach: Alexandre Pinto

  • Ana Catarina Pereira (Ana Catarina)
  • Ines Fernandes - C (Ines)
  • Maria Pereira (Maria)
  • Janice Silva (Janice)
  • Adriana Mendes (Dricas)
  • Sara Ferreira (Sara)
  • Alexandra Melo (Xana)
  • Ines Matos (Matos)
  • Helena Nunes (Leninha)
  • Angélica Alves (Jé)
  • Raquel Santos (Raquel)
  • Marta Costa (Marta)
  • Mariana Teixeira (Mariana)
  • Ana Sofia Gonçalves (Fifó)


  • Araújo
  • Crespo Pardo
  • Penabad Canel (Third Assistant)
  • López Seijas (Assistant)


  • Minute 4 - Bitonto C5 Femminile (Castagnaro 1-0)
  • Minute 10 - SL Benfica (Inés 1-1)


  • SL Benfica (Inés 0-1) P
  • Bitonto C5 Femminile (Lucileia 1-1) P
  • SL Benfica (Maria 1-2) P
  • Bitonto C5 Femminile (Castagnaro 2-2) P
  • SL Benfica (Dricas 2-3) P
  • Bitonto C5 Femminile (Grieco 3-3) P
  • SL Benfica (Janice 3-4) P
  • Bitonto C5 Femminile (Mansueto 4-4) P
  • SL Benfica (Sara 4-5) P