SL Benfica Becomes the First Finalist of the Futsal Wec 2023

SL Benfica Becomes the First Finalist of the Futsal Wec 2023

Day 3 marked the end of the group stage. SL Benfica and FC Marlène faced off in a match where the Portuguese sought to maximize their goal difference against their closest rival in the standings, Bitonto C5 Femminile. With an inspired Dutch team that never gave in against SL Benfica, the club led by Alexandre Pinto had to push hard in the final stages to make it into the final.

The surprise of the first half of the match was none other than FC Marlène. The Dutch team defended tooth and nail against the attack of SL Benfica. Despite their youth and limited experience in high-level competitions, FC Marlène showed great character throughout the first half, scoring their first goal of the championship with a great shot by Sanne Brand. SL Benfica did their homework, heading into the break with a 3-1 lead with goals from Leninha and Raquel on two occasions.

SL Benfica was forced to step up their game in the second half if they wanted to make it into tomorrow's Friday final and not depend on the match between Bitonto C5 Femminile and Pescados Rubén Burela FS. With a physically drained FC Marlène, Alexandre Pinto's team managed to win decisively with a score of 12-2. Thus, SL Benfica becomes the first finalist team of this sixth edition of the Futsal Wec. Mo Bouchibti's team, on the other hand, can leave with their heads held high, leaving a very good impression despite their youth, showing grit and effort throughout the competition.


SL Benfica
Coach: Alexandre Pinto

  • Ana Catarina Pereira (Ana Catarina)
  • Ines Fernandes - C (Ines)
  • Maria Pereira (Maria)
  • Janice Silva (Janice)
  • Adriana Mendes (Dricas)
  • Sara Ferreira (Sara)
  • Alexandra Melo (Xana)
  • Ines Matos (Matos)
  • Helena Nunes (Leninha)
  • Angélica Alves (Jé)
  • Raquel Santos (Raquel)
  • Marta Costa (Marta)
  • Mariana Teixeira (Mariana)
  • Ana Sofia Gonçalves (Fifó)

FC Marlène
Coach: Mo Bouchibti

  • Jacky Reus
  • Zoyla Barendse
  • Sanne Brand
  • Aaike Verschoor
  • Ilse de Jong
  • Amy Visser
  • Juul van der Kolk
  • Simone Hand
  • Asmae Nabili
  • Kyara de Bruin
  • Marese Meester


  • Dacal Deza
  • Pinilla Boullosa
  • Buján Barciela (Third referee)
  • López López M. (Assistant)


  • 15th Minute - SL Benfica (Leninha 1-0)
  • 16th Minute - FC Marlène (Sanne Brand 1-1)
  • 17th Minute - SL Benfica (Raquel 2-1)
  • 18th Minute - SL Benfica (Raquel 3-1)
  • 3rd Minute - SL Benfica (Janice 4-1)
  • 4th Minute - SL Benfica (Sara 5-1)
  • 5th Minute - SL Benfica (Sara 6-1)
  • 14th Minute - SL Benfica (Asmae PP 7-1)
  • 15th Minute - SL Benfica (Janice 8-1)
  • 17th Minute - SL Benfica (Jé 9-1)
  • 18th Minute - SL Benfica (Raquel 10-1)
  • 19th Minute - SL Benfica (Jé 11-1)
  • 19th Minute - SL Benfica (Maria 12-1)
  • 19th Minute - FC Marlène (Aaike 12-2)