Pescados Rubén Burela FS Defeats SL Benfica in a Highly Competitive Match

Pescados Rubén Burela FS Defeats SL Benfica in a Highly Competitive Match

It was one of the most eagerly awaited matches of the championship and it lived up to expectations. Pescados Rubén Burela FS and SL Benfica clashed in the first match of Day 2 of the Futsal WEC 2023 Friendly Edition at the Vista Alegre Stadium at 6:00 PM, providing a great display of futsal from the initial whistle. However, the second half was marked by nerves and tension affecting both teams.

The initial minutes of the game between Pescados Rubén Burela FS and SL Benfica were cautious, with neither team wanting to risk conceding a goal. Both the Galician and Portuguese sides had their opportunities, but the Eagles of Lisbon took the lead with a precise long-range shot from Raquel in the 7th minute. Just two minutes later, the team from Lugo managed to equalize with a masterful finish by Emilly, making it 1-1. With the first half ending in a draw, it seemed the next 20 minutes would be thrilling.

During the second half, Pescados Rubén Burela FS managed to shift the balance in their favor against SL Benfica, possibly capitalizing on the fatigue the Portuguese team may have felt from Tuesday's game. The Guerreiras Laranxas took the lead thanks to a shot from Emilly in the 5th minute. Shortly afterwards, Dany had to be stretchered off due to a severe collision with a SL Benfica player. The final minutes of the match were extremely tense, both on and off the pitch. Irene scored the third goal for the team from Lugo, widening the gap with their rival.

Following a penalized substitution by the refereeing team against SL Benfica, the situation culminated in the expulsion of Alexandre Pinto, the team's coach, and Fifó. With a final score of 3-1 at the whistle, Pescados Rubén Burela FS concluded the second day with another important three points, establishing themselves as the sole leaders.

TEAM SHEET: Pescados Rubén Burela FS - SL Benfica

Pescados Rubén Burela FS
Coach: Julio Delgado

  • Caridad
  • Cilene
  • Cami
  • Antía Pérez
  • Patricia
  • Dany
  • Aroa
  • Irene Samper
  • Rafinha
  • Noelia Montoro
  • Emilly
  • Jozi Oliveira

SL Benfica
Coach: Alexandre Pinto

  • Ana Catarina Pereira (Ana Catarina)
  • Ines Fernandes - C (Ines)
  • Maria Pereira (Maria)
  • Janice Silva (Janice)
  • Adriana Mendes (Dricas)
  • Sara Ferreira (Sara)
  • Alexandra Melo (Xana)
  • Ines Matos (Matos)
  • Helena Nunes (Leninha)
  • Angélica Alves (Jé)
  • Raquel Santos (Raquel)
  • Marta Costa (Marta)
  • Mariana Teixeira (Mariana)
  • Ana Sofia Gonçalves (Fifó)


  • Noya Pardo
  • Sobral Moreno 
  • González Pardal (3rd referee) 
  • Varela Rivas (R. Assistant)


  • 7th Minute - SL Benfica (Raquel 0-1)
  • 9th Minute - Pescados Rubén Burela FS (Emilly 1-1) 
  • Minute 5 - Pescados Rubén Burela FS (Emilly 2-1)
  • Minute 14 - Pescados Rubén Burela FS (Irene 3-1)


  • Minute 35 - Dany had to be stretchered off due to a heavy blow.